mc-dub (shotgun_bang) wrote in antidoll,

can you dig it?

anyone in kansas city or up for a road trip?

October 20: Requiem for Relief[charity show] $7 at the door
12 noon - 10pm
2900 Cates Avenue, KCMO, at Gospel Center Ministries
call for directions (816)455-7555 or(816)741-1668.
--Fed Up, Bar Judah, Prize-Fighter, Striken, Anteye Luci,Gyrus, 3 Way Stop, Manifest to Destroy, Crimson Robe, Unified Front, & Lip Frog--

October 26: The Halloween Show $5-10 [i'm not sure of the price]
7:30pm - 11 or 12
8822 Parallel Parkway, KCK [across from Providence Hospital]
call for directions (913)724-2376 or at the Church (913)299-1727
--The Underdog Conspiracy, Anteye Luci, Unified Front, & Names Without Numbers--
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